How many spaces are available for the Bungee Workout

There are 8 spots available for bungee classes

What kind of experience/workout is the bungee workout?

Please note that these are cardio classes and will use muscles and lot of energy. Yes it is a blast, yes gravity still applies, and yes you still have to work your body! While this workout is low impact, the participant must be able to understand how to use the bungee in combination with their bodies. Aerotique Columbus strongly recommends that a participant try the bungee classes at least a couple of times to really feel the full benefit and feel more confident/comfortable. We are always more than happy to provide a 1-1 consultation as well.

Is there an age requirement?

The minimum age for the Bungee Workout is 18.   However, younger adults can participate if accompanied by an adult if they weigh at least 85 lbs.

Is there a weight restriction?

The weight limit for the Bungee class is 220 lbs. Please adhere to theses weight requirements and contact the studio if you have any questions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding harness size or weight considerations, please call the studio and come in for a consultation. 

How long before a class do I have to sign up?

Registration for classes closes 2 hours prior to the start time. As space is limited for the bungee classes, all classes must be signed up for online. 

What is the difference between classes and enrollments?

Classes are bought as a single or as a package to use when you would like (between a certain time frame) Enrollment is a class that occurs same time every week for a 4 week session. All youth programming is based on enrollment.

Can my child attend class with me?

We have had many families bring in their children to participate in the class with them. As long as the parent accompanies the child, and the child meets the weight requirement for the bungees then they can participate. Our recommendations are for kids to be at least 13 for a regularly scheduled class.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your class we require 24 hours notice.   We understand that life is busy and sometimes your day doesn't go as planned,however, spaces are limited to 8 and most often are full. No refunds will be issued for classes cancelled after the 24 hour period.