• snug athletic clothing (long leggins are best along with a snug fitting shirt as you will be upside down)
  • no jeans, zippers, or other materials on clothing
  • no jewelry of any kind( PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE OFF AT HOME)

attendance and refunds

aerotique has a 12 hour cancellation window. If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, you need to do so 12 hours before class or you will lose that class credit/purchase
Refunds are not given for any payments made for classes, enrollment, or workshops, and all programming is non-transferable
Summer Camp and workshop cancellations policies: cancel before 2 weeks prior to start date- 100% refund- 1 week prior to start date- 50% refund- less than a week- 0% will be refunded as staffing has been secured and planning has been based off of participation numbers

phone and device usage

We ask that all participants leave their cell phones put away and refrain from taking picture and videos during active instruction. We will do our best to leave a few minutes at the end to capture some of the awesome work you've done. 

Students should not text, email, answer phone calls or social media while in class unless there in some sort of emergency. In this case, students should notify their instructor of their concerns.

watching observing class

Whether you are a parent dropping off a child or a friend tagging along, we require that all folks not participating in class hang out in our waiting room area. This ensures that students are not distracted, or feel watched and coaches are able to teach the best possible class 

peer teaching

Most of our classes are 2 people per apparatus. This means you will get a buddy to take part in class with! If you or your partner get stuck on a particular skill, it is imperative that you ask your teacher and NOT your partner. Please avoid peer teaching at all costs to ensure the safety of all participants

REFERRAL program

We love when you guys bring a friend along with you to join our community! If you bring a friend to class, be sure to give them a refer-a-friend card with your name on it. You will get $5 account credit