We offer classes for every age and every fitness level.  No experience? No problem, at Aerotique we believe anyone, at any age and body can have fun enjoying the circus and aerial arts.



Bungee Workout

      Welcome to Columbus's very first Bungee Workout. The bungee beginner workout is the perfect class to learn all about the bungee basics. Bungee beginner puts the flyer into a harness with a bungee system behind them. This allows for movements to be more effortless and fluid with very low impact to the body. This class will be more about teaching the developmental skills and then putting them all together into a sequence at the end. Bungee beginner is sure to have you sweating and having a great time. Ready to take your bungee to the next level, try the 60 minute Aero-Bungee class!

Please note that these are cardio classes and will use muscles and lot of energy. Yes it is a blast, yes gravity still applies, and yes you still have to work your body! While this workout is low impact, the participant must be able to understand how to use the bungee in combination with their bodies. Aerotique Columbus strongly recommends that a participant try the bungee classes at least a couple of times to really feel the full benefit and feel more confident/comfortable. 

Adult Beginner Aerial

Come explore the world of aerial arts in these beginner friendly classes. Challenge yourself in a new and exciting way and build strength and confidence in the process. Aerial classes include beginner silks, beginner trapeze, and aerial conditioning and strength training. 


Youth Beginner Aerial

Bring your child to Aerotique to experience the circus arts. In this class your child will learn the basics of everything Aerial from the low flying trapeze, to the silks, and rings.  If your child loves to climb and be upside down, then this is the perfect class!

Adult acrobatics/ Tumbling

      Get ready to tumble your way into a stronger you! In this class you will begin with a warmup designed to practice flexibility, strength and balances. Structured tumbling passes will be practiced along with fun partner acro poses and formations. Time will be reserved at the end to practice specific skills or condition. This will be the best hour you've ever spent getting fit!

Youth Acrobatics/tumbling

This class is guaranteed fun! In this hour of circus fun, we do anything from jump on the aitrack, tumble, partner acrobatics, work on handstands,flips,  and anything else that puts us upside down and in motion through the air. At the end of the class get ready to try the low trapeze bar or silks and test your strength! You might find your're circus bound!


Youth classes separated into ages and ability level


AeroFit/Aerial Interval Conditioning

  Get ready to fly, invert, swing, lift and burn some major calories. This class will move fast and be jammed packed with everything Aerial. pull ups on the trapeze bar, rope climbing, handstand holds, leg lifts, chin holds. Get ready to be the strongest form of you.


Preschool Circus Time

Mommy and Me Circus Acrobatics


Mommy and Me circus time

Kids and Acro Play

Calling all circus tots and parents! Come roll, flip, swing, invert and have a great time with your little one.  Get ready to show your child that its fun to go upside down and swing around…or maybe they will show you! Swing on the low flying trapeze, climb the wall into a handstand, cartwheel, roll and have fun! While class will provide a portion of structured class, it is very important that a parent is supervising the child at all times. Both parent and child are guaranteed to get a good workout and have fun!












Enjoy the fun and challenge of the aerial arts!